The Best Adventure Tours in India

A thrill seeker will be spoilt for choice in India. From a snow leopard trail in the Hemis National Park in Ladakh to a motorcycle tour to Gurudongmar, the highest lake in India, and even an entertaining rickshaw challenge across the country, these are the 10 best adventure tours to book in India.

Stok Kangri mountaineering expedition

Stok Kangri is a perfect starting point for novice mountaineers. Not too technical, but still quite challenging, an expedition to this peak can be treated as an initial test before going on to conquer higher and more difficult mountains. But that doesn’t mean Stok Kangri is a cakewalk. As the mountain stands at an altitude of 20,128 feet (6,135 metres), the trek still requires great physical and mental stamina. The breathtaking scenery throughout the trip does make all the hard work worth it in the end. Try the eight-day expedition from Adventure Nation to experience the best of Stok Kangri.

Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India

Snow leopard trail at Hemis National Park

The Hemis National Park in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir is said to have the highest density of snow leopards in any protected area on Earth – this is why it has become a favourite with those seeking to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature. The snowcapped mountains are also home to the blue sheep, Tibetan wolf, red fox and Eurasian brown bear. Take a guided tour with Nature Safari India, and team up with locals who are experts at tracking these animals, including the elusive snow leopard.

Blue sheep at Hemis National Park

Zip-lining over the Ganges River in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has become renowned as the yoga capital of the world, but people also flock to the holy town for its array of adventure sports. While river rafting is the most popular activity in Rishikesh, try something different during your visit and opt for zip-lining instead. Flying Fox is a tour operator that specialises in this particular sport, and at Rishikesh, they offer a thrilling 1,300-foot (396-metre) zip-line. For an hour, you can soak in the beautiful views of this Himalayan town while hanging 200 feet (61 metres) above the Ganges. It does not get more dramatic than this.

Rishikesh, India

Kinner Kailash spiritual Parikrama trek

Kinner Kailash is a sacred mountain, revered by both the Hindus and the Buddhists. As it is with holy places, there are many fascinating legends attached with Kinner Kailash. It is also one of the more difficult pilgrimage treks in India, which means it’s an ideal journey for any adventure buff. Due to its spiritual nature, the parikrama (circumambulation of a religious place) trek is a bit different from other orthodox routes. Himalayan Frontiersprovides a comprehensive two-week tour of Kinner Kailash, and the best time to take the trek is from June to October.

Mt.Kinner Kailash, India

Sailing across the Brahmaputra River

The mighty Brahmaputra River flows across three countries: China, India and Bangladesh. In India, the river forms the very soul of the state of Assam. Aqua Terra provides a unique two-week tour across this river where you will alternate between riding on kayaks when on the water and on bicycles when on land. Some of the highlights of the trip will be a stopover at the Kaziranga National Park and an opportunity to camp on sandbars. The best memory from the journey, however, will be the view of the Brahmaputra during sunset.

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